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One of the greatest needs of any company is a focused reliable workforce.  We can help by providing quality affordable care for your employees.  With 50 separate locations and more on the way, there is a good chance we are currently or will soon be in the community where your employees live. In recognition of this partnership, Boys & Girls Clubs will offer all employees a special corporate rate discount towards our services. 

Boys & Girls Clubs helps to prepare our members for success in future life both personally and professionally.  We can help prepare tomorrow’s work force your company will need to run your operations.  

The Boys & Girls Clubs has become the most recognizable youth development brand in the country. Our brand stands for quality youth development programs for all youth, especially those that need us the most.  No other organization comes close to providing the services that we do and achieving the results that we have. 

Studies have indicated, and our  past/current experience has confirmed, that employees feel better about their company when they see tangible results of the company’s commitment to the community.  Employees that feel better about their companies’ community are more productive and stay longer with that company.

Boys & Girls Clubs will provide an easy outlet for one-time as well as ongoing volunteer projects for your employees.  No longer would your company have to spend valuable time and resources trying to arrange volunteer outings. 

  • We will work with your company to develop a mutually beneficial marketing campaign to let the community and especially our 11,000+ participants know of your support.  Boys & Girls Clubs will provide:
    • visibility on our homepage (over 5,000 unique visits each month) with links to your website, 
    • visibility in our sites (with 4,000+ participants monthly),

By partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs, your company will continue to increase the perception of being a community partner.

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